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Leadership with a Growth Mindset - CHFA Connect
Leadership with a Growth Mindset

Professional Development Facilitator, Consultant and Certified Coach at HORN

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021
2:00 PM – 2:45 PM ET
(11:00 AM – 11:45 AM PT)


We navigated through the unpredictable demands the pandemic forced upon our industry. As conditions shift again, it’s time to focus our attention on resetting our businesses for post-pandemic normalcy, whatever that may look like. 

This session will equip you to mine this new landscape to uncover opportunities for growth, both on a personal level and within your business. You’ll leave the session inspired and motivated to rise to the challenges that lie ahead—and to unleash the possibilities.  

You will learn how to: 

  • Differentiate a fixed mindset versus growth mindset and explore how the latter is key to personal and business growth
  • Embrace a growth mindset through active curiosity: being genuinely empathetic, digging beneath the surface and embracing diversity of thought
  • Act with agility by building the confidence to move forward without all the answers
  • Build resilience by applying five proven strategies


Joe Little is a professional facilitator, consultant and certified coach. He has trained and/or coached hundreds of cross-functional professionals in the art of oral communication, influence, persuasion and emotional intelligence. He helps technical experts and people with English as a second language make their first leap from their areas of expertise into the world of influential communication and leadership. Joe has also coached artists, activists and philanthropists, pro bono, whose causes he supports. 

Joe has facilitated for global audiences in Canada, US, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific, and has served clients in the consumer-packaged goods, pharmaceutical, financial, and technology industries. In his coaching and facilitation, he draws on his diverse business experience over the past 11 years, including sales, branch management, and entrepreneurship.